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Tasha Sevier

2006 – 2022

Tasha Sevier was born in 2006 on a farm in Eastern Montana. A black cat with a white tummy, she was the perfect farm cat and enjoyed chasing mice and birds in the outdoors. Tasha enjoyed spending time with her big brother AJ, and the two of them got into plenty of mischief together.

One of Tasha’s best friends was Drew, and even though he chased her and cuddled her relentlessly, she still loved him dearly. Drew would spend hours with her petting her and giving her treats, and she returned her love to him in the form of purring.

Tasha especially loved soft cat food, which was a treat in our house, and she would meow at the back door while we prepped her special treat for her. Tasha will be missed greatly!

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