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Goldie Bray-Lea

Goldie came to live with us fourteen years ago when the nextdoor neighbor came over and said,” I have to go to work but there’s some strange noise coming from my engine and I think it’s a kitten. Can you please come see if you can get it out?”. Went right over to find the greasiest kitten hidden in his car engine. Brought him in and gave the ” black” kitten a bath only to find out that he was really an orange tabby. The first that I have ever had. With his big green eyes and white feet he just stole my heart. Along with the hearts of my entire family. He left to join his other brothers and sisters on October 4,2022. I know that he’s at peace and not suffering anymore.
He has left behind a brother, Theodore, and a sister, Gabriella. Rest in peace our sweet baby. We love you.

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