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AJ Stevenson

aj stevenson

I lost my beloved AJ to old age. He was 17 when he died, and he lived a long, long life with us. We raised our kids with AJ, and although he came first, he begrudgingly loved them too. He would catch birds and mice in our back yard and leave them as “presents” for us when we’d come home and find them on the back patio. My husband used to make up songs and stories about AJ that our kids loved to hear, and we still sing them once in awhile. AJ was always up for a good cuddle, and he’d even come sit on your chest and rub his head against your chin.

We’ll miss AJ more than we can say! We hope he is now resting peacefully in heaven and looking down on us. <3

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  1. Megan

    I am so sorry for your loss fur babies are always hard to lose I didn’t know you could make these obituaries it’s a nice way to honor a lost fur baby

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