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Goldie Bray-Lea

Goldie came to live with us fourteen years ago when the nextdoor neighbor came over and said,” I have to go to work but there’s some strange noise coming from my engine and I think it’s a kitten. Can you please come see if you can get it out?”. Went right over to find the greasiest kitten hidden in his car engine. Brought him in and gave the ” black” kitten a bath only to find out that he was really an orange tabby. The first that I have ever had. With his big green eyes and white feet he just stole my heart. Along with the hearts of my entire family. He left to join his other brothers and sisters on October 4,2022. I know that he’s at peace and not suffering anymore.
He has left behind a brother, Theodore, and a sister, Gabriella. Rest in peace our sweet baby. We love you.

aj stevenson

AJ Stevenson

I lost my beloved AJ to old age. He was 17 when he died, and he lived a long, long life with us. We raised our kids with AJ, and although he came first, he begrudgingly loved them too. He would catch birds and mice in our back yard and leave them as “presents” for us when we’d come home and find them on the back patio. My husband used to make up songs and stories about AJ that our kids loved to hear, and we still sing them once in awhile. AJ was always up for a good cuddle, and he’d even come sit on your chest and rub his head against your chin.

We’ll miss AJ more than we can say! We hope he is now resting peacefully in heaven and looking down on us. <3

Tasha Sevier

2006 – 2022

Tasha Sevier was born in 2006 on a farm in Eastern Montana. A black cat with a white tummy, she was the perfect farm cat and enjoyed chasing mice and birds in the outdoors. Tasha enjoyed spending time with her big brother AJ, and the two of them got into plenty of mischief together.

One of Tasha’s best friends was Drew, and even though he chased her and cuddled her relentlessly, she still loved him dearly. Drew would spend hours with her petting her and giving her treats, and she returned her love to him in the form of purring.

Tasha especially loved soft cat food, which was a treat in our house, and she would meow at the back door while we prepped her special treat for her. Tasha will be missed greatly!